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1915 Lincoln Wheat Cent

1915 Lincoln Wheat Cent
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The 1915(P) cent is highly unusual in that it's mintage is fairly close to that of its Denver Mint counterpart. In other words, its mintage is surprisingly low for a P-Mint penny. Why this was so is unknown, but it must have been influenced by the very large mintages of 1909-14.

While not a truly rare coin, it is less often across all grades than other Philly cents of the decade. Fully red gems are very scarce, and even red-brown coins are elusive.

The master hub was evidently retouched by the Philadelphia Mint's engraving department for 1915's coinage, as examples from fresh dies reveal much more detail than on the sharpest 1909-14 cents.


Philadelphia Denver San Francisco
29,092,120 22,050,000 4,833,000
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