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1976 Eisenhower Dollar

1976 Eisenhower Dollar
Philadelphia T1 Denver T1 Philadelphia T2 Denver T2 Comparison Clad Proof T1 Clad Proof T2 Silver Silver Proof
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No Eisenhower Dollars were produced bearing the date 1975. During the second half of 1975, production of the Bicentennial coins began. These coins featured a new reverse designed by David R. Williams which featured the Liberty Bell superimposed on the moon. The coins carried the dual date 1776-1976.

The 1976 Eisenhower Dollars have two distinct types, identifiable by the style of lettering on the reverse of the coin. Type 1 coins use bold, block lettering. Type 2 coins use thinner, more delicate lettering. Generally Type 1 coins are more difficult to find in higher grades, especially the Philadelphia issue.

The San Francisco Mint produced 40% silver Ike Dollars for the last time. These coins were sold in special collectors sets which included silver clad versions of the quarter, half dollar, and dollar coins. The sets were available in either Uncirculated or Proof. The San Francisco Mint also produced clad proof coins for government issued proof sets.

At the conclusion of 1976, the regular reverse design resumed for the final two years of the Eisenhower Dollar series.


Philadelphia T1 Denver T1 San Francisco Clad Proof T1 Silver Proof
4,019,000 21,048,710 11,000,000 2,845,450 4,000,000

Philadelphia T2 Denver T2 Clad Proof T2
113,318,000 82,179,564 4,149,730
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